Livestock Weighing Scale

Product survey

Electronic livestock scale is special electronic scale for livestock industry. It consists of platform, enclosure, gate, load cell, weighing indicator and junction box. It has good stability, high accuracy and convenient operation.

Product application

Electronic livestock scale is suitable for weighing livestock.

Feature and advantage

High weighing accuracy and good stability.

High accuracy class: Static (III) class, meeting trade settlement.

High reliability: Use stainless steel load cell with high accuracy (C3), special weighing indicator and stainless steel junction box.

Convenient installation and repair.

The platform uses U-shape beam structure with high strength.

Enclosure and gate use combination type structure welded by square steel tube, and have good stability and strength. Height and material of enclosure and gate can be designed according to the user`s need.

Approach is optional for the convenience of livestock handling.

Utility model patent [201220678536.5 movable suspension livestock scale" is obtained.

Livestock or Animal Weighing Scale
Livestock or Animal Weighing Scale

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